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Incorrect position of a sound
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There is a bug with a player groaning sound. When the sound is played it is "attached" to the player that hears it, not to the sound source. The sound incorrectly rotates with the player.


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Two players are needed:
Player A - having the issue
Player B - the person that groans (must be hurt) - the sound source

Player A moves after Plyer B.
When Player B starts groaning, Player A rotates in any direction.
If the sound is still played then Player A hears it in front of him even if Player B is on the side of Player A.

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Now there is also the same problem with a zombie sounds. This is problematic because you can't be sure from which direction zombie is coming.

I can confirm this as well, sounds like closing gates in the middle of a field? is this the type of incorrect sounds your getting?

I have now filtered out many of these sounds and just thought they where part of the game to confuse you. But if you listen closely you do hear odd sounds in the middle of no where.

Not sure if this is intended or not.

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FIRMSneakydude: I think you refer to a different problem. I confirm that there are random industrial-like sounds in a middle of a filed. However this ticket is about sounds that are played in correct moment and in correct context but they are not attached to the position of a source object. Instead, the sound is rotating with a player's head. This creates a big confusion. Examples are: zombie sounds and thunders.