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M4 Magazine loss When drinking at pump
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OK First time i Thought i'd just dropped my mag when drinking at a pump.
What happens is, if you have more than one magazine, and you are holding your rifle when drinking. The scroll option comes up as "Drink" "Change Magazine" Change magazine"
so if you accidentally select "change magazine", the currently equipped mag will dissapear from your inventory. My inv has been almost full both times, not sure if that makes a difference. It has happened with a 30 round m4 mag and a 60 round dual clip mag, so far.


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I am wondering:

Did you already have your rifle "slot" in the backpack used up, and thus were holding an additional rifle in your hands as well as the one in your backpack? Or did you simply have your rifle out in your hands like most people?

I Just had the one rifle in my hands. Since then I empty my hands when drinking.

Love the name btw :)