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Game not responding and freezing.
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Other than the main menu taking forever to load on startup, the problem begins after connecting to a server. After launching Dayz, I am able to join a server and load in relatively fast. Everything is fine up to this point and the game is great. Once I leave a server to join another server (server restarts or joining a friends server), my game will either stop responding, forcing me to close the game entirely, or I will load into the server BUT my game will have massive freezes. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to take a few steps, freeze up from anywhere between 2-4 seconds and repeat. At this point, even pressing esc to leave the server takes quite a bit of time. The loading time after leaving the first server to join another is substantially longer.

Not sure if it is the game or my computer, but my computer should be able to run this game no problem. A couple of my friends also play Dayz but none of them are having this problem. The only way for me to get around this is by restarting my Dayz everytime I want to join a new server.


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Dayz
  2. Join a server
  3. Leave the server
  4. Join another server (or even the same server will result in same problem)
Additional Information

Some computer specs

GeForce GTX 770
i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Windows 7 SP1

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Having this issue and desync problems. The game is unplayable. Only hardware similarity to you is the processor.