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Using alcohol tincure (or whatever it's called) when uninjured causes temporary sickness
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So my character was moaning like a bitch after a baseball game with a zombie and I decided to apply some alcohol to my wounds. I had no UI messages (bleeding, hunger, thirst, etc).

However, when I applied to wounds (I know I didn't drink it), I got a yellow "sick" indicator in my inventory. I got a few messages of "my wounds hurt less" and then the "sick" thing died.

I've tried this twice and have some pics I can upload if needed. Both times it did the same thing.


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Have item: alcohol tincure (glass bottle of alcohol) in inventory. Select option: "apply to wounds".

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Not a Bug....Don't do that when uninjured!

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Can also confirm.

I can confirm this. Also thereafter you will receive three subsequent messages telling you that your wounds feel better, so it's working. Maybe it says you're sick to represent that you are hurting from desinfecting your wounds, putting alcohol on wounds is indeed painful.

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I think that there should be other text message showing up in inventory manager rather than 'sick', for example Disinfecting wounds or something like that

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This is also true with anti-biotics.

...And if you make yourself sick with anti-biotics, then take a charcoal tab you get ever more sick. But then if you take more anti-biotics you get a little less sick but stay sick. Its very WTF.

Not exactly a bug,

having an Infection does not activate your Sick-O-Meter until you attempt to treat it. as soon as you attempt to treat it, it will let you know that you actually have the infection in the first place, which is kind of realistic, as you typically don't notice a wound is infected unless the wound itself starts to get bigger than it initially was.

Can't agree with above. When you are sick, with an infection, food (or any other kind of) poisoning, you KNOW it.

I think the reason for the reported behaviour is that treating a non-existent illness in this game actually CREATES it. Treating it again MAY cure it; if so, then this is a simple boolean ill=true/false being switched inappropriately.

When I get some meds I'll test it.

Smearing your skin with some alcohol solution shouldn't make you ill I think. I imagine it would disturbg the normal bacteria culture on your skin at worst.

Presumably, this is not 90% alcohol, but something containing a greater portion of water.

As a side note of sorts:
Is it possible to confuse the alcohol tincure with how the disinfectant spray work?

Can both items be used to disinfect items, or is it just the spray can that can be used?

@Dogmeat. That's exactly the reason that I reported it.

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@warren I was disagreeing with the post directly above, not the OP. Sorry for confusion.

Same here. I have a fresh character, found the alcohol tincture, treated my (non-existant) wounds and got "sick". That has to be a bug.

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