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Character teleported back to coast spawn when running for roughly 5 minutes.
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80% Of the time now when I get a new character on the coast I try to run somewhere for 5 minutes keeping my macro key for autowalk on (doesn't seem to affect it because it happens without this key aswell) and my character gets teleported back to where I first spawned and locked into place.

All controls freeze up, can't move. Can't even use escape to exit the game. Forced to Alt+F4.


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Seems to happen only with newly spawned characters. Don't pick anything up, just run anywhere for 5-10 minutes and you will be teleported back to spawn and locked in place.

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I had this happen to me once. But not as fresh spawn. I was running in the woods somewhere north section of chenarus and I got teleported back to a previous location and couldn't do nothing. I had to ctrl+alt+del to end dayz process.

I do not use autokey, macro, etc. I was just holding [w] key.

update: Since being killed and starting as fresh spawn. It has been teleporting back to a previous location after running for few minutes, unable to control character or bring up menu, on three different servers.

Same thing happens to me, just holding down W for a long time, usually happens when I run from Zelenogorsk to the northern military base.

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I can confirm this as well. And running methods haven't affected the outcome for me.

It seems to happen in the north now too. It is quite random when it happens.

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It has happened to me and to my teammate at the same moment. We were in different locations (Stary Sobor, Kozlovka).
This also happens while not running, but some time after a long run.
Most of the time when it happens when I arrive to Stary Sobor.

The remedy is to Alt+F4 and restart a game.