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Bad visual bug upon logging into a server
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The game visually turns into bands of color, see attached image. The only way to solve it is to completely exit out of the game client and restart. The screenshot in question comes from a server with <50ms ping that had just rebooted. {F29256}


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Not sure, happens randomly upon logging in.

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Computer specs:

Intel i5-3570 3.4GHz
Geforce GTX 660 (with the latest release drivers)
8GB Ram
Running off of a 1TB seagate HD at 7200 RPM
Windows 7 Ultimate

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There are always texture/graphical issues in main menu, but personally, I just need few second for it to load it all, but I haven't got this one, but I had similar, so called "plastic" models, the ones before texture is applied on them, those are the usual ones that occur often, other one was when I had black screen, happens randomly.
You don't have to name your specifications regarding this...cause this is Alpha have to take that in mind, that no matter what components you have, you will always have graphical or any other problems regarding Alpha stage games, even Beta sometimes.
P.s. there is no use naming CPU regarding graphical issues, only thing is RAM, GPU and HDD, mostly and always at fault is GPU, but it only happens then, when your GPU is 5-6 years old that can't run such games.

This has happened to me quite a a few times. I press tab, and it works fine.

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happened to me aswell, restart of the game was the solution everytime.

I get this quite often. I am able to reproduce this by,

  1. disconnect from a server
  2. alt-tab out for a few seconds
  3. reconnect to a server

I can get the effect or whatever it is to go away by
3)video settings

Makes it go away until I repeat the steps above.

smaddeus I left my tech specs so that there was nothing left to think about. I am detail oriented so I figured I would leave as much info as I could instead of playing with the "need more info" tag.

I will attempt to reproduce this bug based off of the post above to see if the results are similar.

If you get this on the menu screen, just wait.

If you get this in game, do as JimmyJazz says, pressing tab to bring up the inventory will fix it. There is no need to exit your game.

It's still a bug, and I will vote it up, just echoing a temporary solution.

My card is fairly new (that is, in terms of it being used not in terms of generation), and the drivers are up to date. Are there any ideas from the more technical orientated on what could possibly cause this?

Similarly if you press esc then click the video button near the bottom on the left it fixes it.