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Character "rewinds" to several minutes behind where I was, then I cannot move or access UI.
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This has happened twice in a row in the past 20 minutes, but never before. I join a server, was running for about 5 minutes, then it would "rewind" me to a point 5 minutes or so prior, and when doing so I can hear sounds, but cannot move.
When this happens, I cannot access the UI either (TAB or ESC keys do nothing, had to Alt+F4 the first time, currently minimized). Game is NOT frozen when this occurs, I can still hear sounds, minimize/maximize the game, etc.

Before this happened (both times) I kept hearing random in game sounds (Cans opening, bullet combining sound effect, etc.) that were occurring extremely commonly. {F29252}


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Screenshot is what game looks like when "rewound" and frozen. Can still see my breath exiting characters mouth, etc, but no input does anything.

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same here. seems to be when you sprint without stopping for a while. it happened to me just then, i ran from Elektro to Cherno non-stop and as soon as I got to where the 3 floor industrial building with the big yellow crane i got teleported/rewound back to Prig.

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I died due to that bug several times already, since I got teleported back to nowhere just when I arrived at a small town with a fountain to drink something...

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Duplicate of #1185