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night time/flashlight use building/object rendering glitch
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Started fresh with default settings upon installation of standalone game, entered during night game cycle. In the distance I can see large white squares that resemble blurry cities lights, that intermittently flash with a rainbow of colors.
Also, in the distance entire structures'texture glitches out in rainbow of colors. Rendering issue remains consistent upon closing distance. When turning on flashlight, the problem is exaggerated and affects all textures in view. Shapes of objects are retained, but now are bright and distorted with various color. After a time of being on-screen, video card crashes to desktop and recovers. Must close out of game and re-enter from steam.

In order to alleviate the problem, I have fiddled with all the video options.I have managed to minimize the white squares in the distance by reduction of graphical settings. All that is left is glitchy,little boxes of color, and entire buildings with rainbow mosaic paint. Flashlight still creates the problem it initially did. Still crashes to desktop when I look at the colorful buildings.

I have adjusted settings, checked for out of date drivers, uninstalled and re-installed the game, changed to several different servers, and searched on the internet for people with similar problems to no avail.

I will add that my PC plays graphics intensive games easily.

I understand this game is in Alpha, I would just like to enjoy it like everyone else! {F29228}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Log into game, look at background.

Turn on flashlight.

Look at distant buildings glitch out.

game crashes

Additional Information

amd 7970m radeon HD GC crossfired with intelHD 4000(prioritizing high performance)
i7-3610QM @ 2.3ghz
16gb RAM
win 7 64-bit
2x 120gb SSD raid 0 config

picture of glitch in file.

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Hi Hungry Dog, this is known problem with AMD graphics. Try manually update your graphics drivers or follow this thread please.

Thank you.