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[Accuracy] M4A1 Accuracy Is Wrong
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Whenever having all the good attachments to this weapon (like the Bipod or Silencer that improve accuracy), the weapon itself has a terrible accuracy, even with all attachments being Pristine. You can use an ACOG Optics attachment and it is noticable how bad the accuracy is.


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Silencer does not improve accuracy, but spoil it (because of slower speed of the shell) ;)

It does, it's just the range of the bullet which is decreased.

Physics 101. A slower moving object is more susceptible to outside forces. Many of which may affect its intended trajectory. E.G. wind, gravity, and lack of lift. Slower speed = less accurate. However, m4 is still inaccurate, so I'm not completely disagreeing with you since wind is not a factor in Dayz.

"Silencer does not improve accuracy, but spoil it (because of slower speed of the shell) ;) " - incorrect. But yes the acog's accuracy is god awful.

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How would the silencer improve accuracy? Explain it to me, please. It's not a direct extension of the barrel, which would improve the accuracy to some degree, it's basically a weight at the muzzle that negatively affect accuracy, because it ever so slightly bends the barrel down. It doesn't make the "shell" slower, either. The round will only be slower if you use subsonic ammunition, which is not in the game yet, which is also the only way to truly supress a guns sound. With regular ammo, the thing just becomes a big flash supressor.