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Fall damage
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Quite simply the fall damage is way to high. considering you can fall 2 meters and die instantly. and that it is way too easy to fall of buildings. or vsynch off them as i always do... but falling does too much damage. i have fallen over 4 meters and been fine. it's not the fall it's how you land.
a suggestion on how to fix this is do damage based on what you land on and how you land. IE you fall 3 meters onto concrete will do more damage than falling 3 meters onto grass. and if you crouch you do a tuck roll at the end which means less chance of hurting yourself. however at something like 7 you can still kill yourself at 10 there is no chance. for example.
another fix is to make it harder to fall off buildings. like in minecraft if you press shift you walk but you can't fall off the edge of blocks which would be a good feature in the Standalone.
but 2 meter fall to die is way to low. it should be at least 4 before legs start braking.


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Fall the height of your character and die.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0002590: Legs breaking too easily

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