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When swapping weapons one of them falls to the ground.
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I do not know whether or not this bug. But i want to change one weapon to another.


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In my hands M4, i press hot key "1" to get a Mossinka, and M4 falls to the ground.

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In the real world I can change one weapon to another without throwing him to the ground

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Not a bug. You can only have one weapon on your back and one in hands. If you change weapons, you have to drop the weapon in hands in order to equip the other item/weapon.

but if i reenter the game, my hands are empty, and on my shoulder will hang two weapons.

well that is another bug :-)

i think thats just for keeping your weapons and the servers use this trick to save your current inventory

i got the same idea of keeping both main-weapons in the inventory, better said one in the inventory (back) and the other in the hands - so i support this post

if this will not be implemented id like to see the, by default, G-button working so that you can throw your current weapon in your hands on the ground and switch via hotkey to your weapon of choice