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When using magnified scope, entire screen zooms in, not just scope.
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When using magnified scope, entire screen zooms in, not just scope. To clarify, Acog scope, while aimed down sight, should only magnify the area inside the scope, NOT the area outside the scope. the rest of your surroundings should still be at 1x zoom. This is still an issue in Arma 3 and has not yet been addressed. This bug subtracts to the awareness of a player looking through his scope and should be able to keep his peripheral vision on objects near himself. {F29209}


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Screenshots compare correct zoom vs incorrect.

Correct is on the left :)

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Anybody with me on this?

Agreed, would be a much better effect. Didn't notice the ACOG optics even zoomed at first because of this.

This is what happens in the RV engine. The only known alternative I've seen working is one where everything outside the scope is blurred out.

The fact that this hasn't been changed in the ArmA2/3 engines would point to the fact that the fix would need a considerable amount of work in the engine and the amount of time that it hasn't been fixed would indicate that this change isn't coming anytime soon.

Seems tripwire interactive is only company that did scope properly.

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This is really frustrating, not to mention surprising, given that DayZ is based off of a military sim
I suppose it probably can't be changed without some serious work being put into the engine though
Still, if it could be fixed or made less noticeable at all it would be a great improvement

I think it would be a major issue on development in the engine. It's not a "bug" but a quite development expensive feature that was missing from Arma III from the beginning.
I'd say, save the developer capacity for less expensive features of the gameplay.

I think if this is an engine issue and can't be fixed (or not anytime soon) then make the area outside scope view blurred or dark .. at least then you don't see the area outside scope view zooming in ...