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UI does not support Unicode Characters
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Due to the fact that the new DayZ Standalone uses steam names for character names, due to steam supporting non-standard characters in their player names, ie unicode characters, not supporting unicode characters for player names in DayZ is no longer acceptable. Users using unicode characters such as Ω have their player names show up as either the invalid character "box" or as an empty character.

I personally am affected by this issue as my steam name is in fact Ω and I have become quite attached to this handle. Now I find myself being kicked from DayZ servers by admins, against the current server guidelines I might add, due to the fact that my character name shows up as in invisible character.

In summary, if player name is designated by their steam name, with no option to change the players name without changing their steam name, then the UI needs to support unicode characters, or give the players the option to change their name in game without affecting their steam name.


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Use an unsupported characters, ie unicode, as your steam name.

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I agree with this.

I have a variety of accented letters, infact my whole steam name comprises of accented letters and symbols, but I only get one of those letters showing up; even if that 1 letter shows up accented.