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Standard ARMA 2 Movement Bug
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Its the same (sorry but) trash like in arma 2... the movement in buildings is too buggy and unsensitive... If you want to go through a door (maybe also sideways... you get stuck or bug a bit around, also the doors are a problem when opening... cant they only go open when you stop blocking them? I've been bugged into a wall by a door 2 times now... so maybe decrease the amount of movement realism for a better indoor movement... It's annoying to get stuck in a door every time


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Walk in a Building... you'll notify it...

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afaik shactac addon solved this
maybe they should check it too

I've noticed this issue, but it's not that hard to avoid. If you really want to be careful in buildings and not get stuck stop running. Just walk. It's a simple solution and I know that's not what your looking for but it works!! The current system probably won't be changed because most of the map is out doors, and most of the time is spent out doors or traveling from one location to another.


Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case you need help getting unstuck, just send me a pm with your Steam ID url, and I'll help you sort this out. Example: ""

Also, please let me know if your character is on a Regular/Hardcore server.

In order to send a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".

Regarding doors pushing you through walls - can you confirm if this issue still occurs for you?


Hello again,

Closing issue due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.