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Backpack came off when I was in a pond trying to get a drink. It really turned into a swim. All my loot in it started floating.
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I was in search of water at the north side of elektro. I came across the pond near the damn and went in trying to get a drink. Next thing I know I was swimming and my backpack and .45 ammo clip came off and started to float in the water. I could grab the backpack but when I tried to grab my ammo clip my bag came off again. I t was one or the other and I could never actually grab my ammo clip again without losing my bag.


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Get a backpack and go swimming.

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I had a bat in the bag and an ammo clip for the .45 as well.

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It's not a bug it's designed that way.

That's freakin' awesome. Sorry, no disrespect but lol

@mr I don't believe it's designed to be in the game because I was able to swim with it on but it suddenly came off and I could sometimes pick it back up. Please refrain from saying something is designed to be that way if you are not a developer. K thanks