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Refreshing server list multiple times messes up my connection
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After refreshing the server list about 5-10 times causes my internet connection to cut out completely. Server list becomes empty, and my wireless connection resets.


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Open up the server browser and refresh about 5 to 10 times.
There will be no servers, and my connection freezes completely.

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Web applications like Skype and TeamSpeak cut out completely. Web pages do not load and after a while, my connection disappears completely. Only solution is to reset my wireless NIC and/or shutting down DayZ.

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I tried it and it works fine for me. I refreshed well over 30 times. I suggest you to not refresh so often.

This is a router/hardware issue.
You can lower the amount of possible connections in the server browser via Steam -> Settings -> Tab: "IN-GAME" -> In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute

Try to lower it to 1000 or 500, depending on how many connections/minute your router can handle.

Report back if this solved the problem for you!

Sadly, it didn't help. But one thing helped.
I turned off "IP Flood Detection" in my router.
Now, it works crystal clear. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Internet connection still cuts out, no matter what I do. Tried lowering max pings in Steam settings and tweaked a couple of settings in my router, to no avail. Don't know how to fix this, but it's definetly an issue on my end. Case closed.