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Bullets disappear when removed from magazine while on ground
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(1.) If you try to empty a magazine while it is on the ground, the bullets will disappear. Only way to not make them disappear is to get the mag into your inventory and then empty it, you also need to have atleast one empty slot in your inventory.
(2.) Same problem when you find bullets on the ground and you drag and drop them in the same vicinity window, they disappear.


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(1.) Find a mag on the ground or put it on the ground -> Empty it -> Bullets disappear, mag stays on the ground as empty
(2.) Find bullets on the ground -> Drag them with your mouse and drop them in the vicinity window -> They disappear

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Have had this problem as well. At first I thought they might be automatically going into my ammo box, but then half the time I drop my ammo box it disappears so I've been avoiding checking.

Then again, maybe the ammo item showing up in the vicinity is just lagging? Who knows.

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Duplicate of #0004016

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0000408: Unloading magazine / ammo box on floor causes loss of ammo

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