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Shooting a Rifle while lying on ground always hits ground
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If you use a weapon to snipe or to just shot something in a distance and you lie down for better aim, even if you are on top of a hill, you will always hit the ground with the gun. Zeroing doesnt help, a bipod doesnt help. Its always need to get up and shoot standing or kneeling.


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take gun, aim in 1.person, lie down...shoot something in the distance...hit the ground.

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I experienced this at Vybor. I was on top of the big red building at the NE of Vybor and prone near the edge. I aimed down the M4 sights, took a shot, and it shot the roof. I was aiming off into the distance at a zombie and my gun had clearance near the edge, still shot down into the roof right in front of me.

Also, weird thing. The M4 aim was way off for some reason. Had the acog scope dead center on zombie but bullet went way left.

mosin\m4\pistol all seem to shoot off center even though using the iron sites.

I would like to point out that the sights are a good inch or two above the barrel and this is common when close to the crest of a hill. While it appears to have a clear line of sight it is just that. The sights are clear but the barrel is still obstructed

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Duplicate of #3276