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ducktape 2 magazines together
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It would be nice if you could ducktape 2 magazines together for quick reload.
Prefered would even be combinations like a 30 taped to a 20. But even just 30 to 30 etc would be nice.


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I'm sorry to tell You this, but You clearly missed the point of a Issue Tracker!
This is not a place for Recommendations here.

Bug/Issue Tracker != Wishlist

"Ducktape" is only a brand of Duct Tape:

Original "Duct Tape":

Then why is there the tag "feedback"?
Also feedback in the domain name isn't really a smart move then.
I see comments like yours a lot, and i also see a lot of people disagree with it.

I also think most down votes where due this, which is a stupid move cause then you vote for something irrelevant.

In case a dev reads this. It would be nice to update:

So it's a bit more clear if ideas like this are ok to be posted.

Read your linked page please!

«How to report feedback - Step 2.
Fill in all the necessary information for your feedback report. Please don't forget the game version and steps to reproduce»

You can't tell how to reproduce something you would like to have in the game, but that is not already there.

Also read the linked page again please, to find out how to find out your game version, just in case your next issue is really an issue you want to report, then it would be great if you actually fill in the correct game version.

Also tags are made by the community, there are also Tags like "#Yolo" and other childish stuff that does not belong into the issue/bug tracker, but it was the devs decision to allow everyone to register here.

Have a nice day.