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PC shutdown complete and reboot when playing DayZ SA
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After i changed my GPU from GTX580 to GTX 780TI everytime i play, the PC reboot after a few minutes... sometime i just can join the menue screen and then it reboots.

I can run Prime95, IntelBurnTest, FurMark and Dayz MOD, Arma 3 and other games for hours without any problems.

I deinstalled GPU drivers before changing the GPU
I CMOS cleared after GPU change
I deinstalled the game and deletet profil and reinstalled

PSU is 850W, but since i can run other games and stress tests it should work


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Game Crash
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Start the game

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Probleme solved...

it´s not only DayZ... i need a new PSU

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Thanks for info. Enjoy the DayZ ;-)