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Getting Randomly throwed back/teleported and then Controls don't seem to work.
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This happens to everyone I think, sometimes your running around to find a city or just looting(didn't happen when looting but maybe it does to others) and you get teleported back, when you teleport back you can't move and can't access your inventory and can't "ESC" your way out so your forced to force the game to close, I dunno if this happens on higher pinged server or on any server with a problem, the teleport is random and when you get back in the server you can start moving but on the same place you got teleported to, maybe a huge desync?


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Running for a long time and good distances(not confirmed).
Also maybe happens when your having a huge desync but you keep running.

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happend to me as i walked from kamenka to balota i was flashed back and i could controll my charakter

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Happened to me 3 times already. I was sprinting every time.

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Can confirm, this is an issue. Sprinted for about 20 minutes, got teleported back to a barn I ran through 5 minutes before. Camera was slowly spinning and I could not access any controls or the main menu.