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Zombies cause bleeding every hit, but not enough bandages/shirts to balance this effect.
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Often, a hit by a zombie incurs bleeding, while when you spawn you have a capacity for only 2 bandages (your shirt) and you are likely to encounter more zombie attacks than that in between spawning and finding medical supplies/rag clothing.


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Get hit by a zombie soon after spawn, note that you only have two opportunities to bandage yourself within the timeframe to find other medical supplies, which is entirely spawn dependent.

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Spawning near zombies, in my experience, is basically a death sentence because you are unable to fight them without getting damaged, even if you have a melee weapon. You have few bandages to stop yourself from bleeding which is paradoxical in that you are least able to defend yourself close to spawn and therefore more likely to bleed.

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I have been hit a lot, it does not cause bleeding every time, sometimes but not always. It is also possible to escape them, you do not have fight it if you do not have a weapon

A possible exploit (I say "possible" because I don't know if it's intended) is to punch them in the head. They fall over every time, keep hitting them and when they stand up, BAM right in the head. Repeat until they're dead. This is much easier in first-perspective mode.

All melee weapons except for the fire-axe are pretty redundant (I've found). I can take on multiple zombies at a time with just fists and a good aim, but I always end up bleeding out if I take on just one with a crowbar, bat, wrench, etc.

It's possible as it doesnt always make you bleed. If your clothing/armor is ruined, then there is a higher chance to bleed.

Oh, I was unaware that this was the case, thank you for enlightening me (as sarcastic as that may have sounded, it is not intended as such) From my experience I genuinely thought that they might have had upwards of 75% bleed possibility, then again this is in particular due to the fact that it was straight off spawn so there was no armor whatsoever. Again, in my experience, and it maybe in mine alone, I have found that the melee aiming is a little off, and that running away rarely loses the zombies, but then again, I may just be bad xD.

Also, I'd never tried the headshot thing, thank you sir.