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Mosin taking too long to reload
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It happened after i shoot the first 5 rounds i have had in my rifle. It just reload only 1 bullet, make noises like it's bounces inside of the weapon.


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after shooting the 5 bullets, and trying to reload

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Had this happening when I (re)loaded 5 rounds into the Mosin.
Was not able to shoot for a couple of seconds (longer than the default (re)load time) and had the reloading sound repeating at a very high rate, just like in your linked video.
This happened two times so far and seems to be random/could not be reproduced.

This is a Bugtracker not a random Forum, please change the Title of the issue report and replace "Mossing" with the correct "Mosin".

KiloSwiss has nicely explained it

Happened to me too

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Only happens to me when I reload while being prone.

Only happens when I'm prone.

I find rolling fixes it immediately 80% of the time.

Had the same issue. Took a full 10 seconds to do a reload. Moved to kneeling and tried again and it worked fine. It's definitely something linked to being prone and reloading. Still happening in the 114.8 build too.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding reloading the Mosin while prone is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #1517.

Please upvote the original issue to increase visibility and feel free to add any extra information (updated repro steps/screenshots) in the notes section.