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dayz standalone hacks on youtube
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dayz standalone hacks on youtube
Patch this quick pleas!


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Saw this a few days ago. People will always find ways to hack but at least patch this known way if possible

I can confirm there are hacks, a friend and I came across a player who acquired them and jokingly referred to them as "magic". From what we've been told, it shows the names and locations of players and items within a 1000m radius. Occasionally, it'll refer to players as "Unknown Entity".

I know of its source too, the guy told us it was made by someone who worked on one of the side-mods for the Arma II Dayz. I'm not going to mention the name of the creator and/or their mod. If not made by them, it probably would've been done by someone else. Rather these hacks show up during alpha and be tackled now than when the game is out.

Eventhough we're playing with the guy from time to time, I would like nothing more than to see this hack being dealt with. I'll enclose any information I find about the hack, but again, I will not mention any names.

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Several videos with several hacks straight from the arma cheats. ESP, Aimbots, and theres a rumor of people being able to turn off buildings and trees to see people clearly from far away too by doing some PBO manipulation.

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They are well aware there's hacks out there, no need to help advertise them.