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Spawned inside a trap room, at the boat " Rify"
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I was inside the boat, in the lower chambers; in the halway of the military rooms. I got disconnected "server restarted", once I logged in back, I appeared in this room (see picture below). Impossible to get out of course.

Cheers! {F29172}


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Not sure, But in theory, just stay in that halway, wait for server to restart, then log back in. Will have to test

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same thing happened to me, except i was in an invisible room and got out by vaulting through the wall...

I couldn't even "jump" my way out of there. Had to drink alcohol till I died ;)

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Got the same issue just now, looks like the same room. I had logged out on the bridge of the vessel.

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Interesting spawn you got there... xD

PS:. Never happened to me

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Same thing here, logged out in upper part of ship and logged back in to find myself 'in the Brig' :/ will try jumping through the wall....

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