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Stuck in building at Guba
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You can get stuck in building, what is located in Guba.

Seems like that building has one extra stairs to floor what does not exist. It does have a door in front of the invisible stairs, but somehow I glitched trough it.

I got stuck there for 10 minutes. Until I figured out that I could jump over the "hand railing" what is invisible (looks like wall from the other side).


1st. image shows the particular building.
2nd. image shows the upper floor where I got stuck. That is the door I got trough, or I got trough it from just next to it into the stairs.


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I had too good gear to test reproducibility.

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Did not realize to take screenshots while I was stuck INSIDE :(

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Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

Closing issue since it seems fixed in the latest version.