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Unable to combine 1/2 maps with 1/4 maps
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This has only happened to me once, as I dont often come across maps. I first got the W Chernarus map, then after finding a map of the NE, I was unable to combine the two (W + NE) to create a map that was lacking only the SE portion. Has anyone else experienced this issue or did i just run into some strange item glitch? I have no problems combining 1/4 maps (i.e. NE and SE).


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Find/create a map of 1/2 of Chernarus, then try to add another 1/4 piece of it to create a map that is 3/4 complete.

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Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding the maps.

Pieces of maps can be combined together to form a bigger or complete map. For example: North with South, East with West. West and North for instance will not combine together.