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Body desappeared/no corpses.
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Zombies bodies desappear for me, instantly. Yesterday I killed a guy inside an airport base; he as well desappeared as soon as I approached him to loot him.

Another player I killed though, his body stayed there forever, bleeding. I left, the body was still there.

But for zombies, not a single corpse stais more than 1 second, is it just me?


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Kill someone!,

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I also observed this behavior. I've killed at least 8 people so far, and each time it seems that if the player logs out or respawns, their body (along with all loot) instantly disappears. This typically gives me less than 5 seconds to loot someone before everything they were carrying is gone.

I presumed that zombie corpses were despawning because they never have loot on them, but I'm not sure about that.

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Theres no need for a zombie to consume your memory (lag) The bodies dissappearing is because if you kill a player, that player has to exit the server because respawn does not work, by exiting the server the body does indeed dissappear.

This is def a problem because not only does it prevent the murderer from looting the body but it prevents you from being able to go back to collect your things. This really sucks with all of the bugs, like falling from 1 story high and dying, or passing out from starvation, or something unrelated to murders and an instance that you would be able to simply just run back to your body and get all your gear back.

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I really hope they fix this

This is a duplicate report and has already been fixed as can be read here:
#556 (Killing a Zombie/Player Body's Disappear.)