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Game will break / stop computer sound
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Seemingly randomly, although I am trying to keep an eye on which servers I go to now, upon switching servers, ALL sound will stop. This has occurred somewhere around 10 times. I can alt+tab out and NO sound will work on my computer.

Restarting my computer always fixes the issue. I have also tried restarting/closing DayZ. ONE of the times I did this (closed DayZ) my sound worked again. I have NEVER had this problem until playing DayZ, and ONLY when joining a server, so I am 99% confident the problem is stemming from the game.

I have also checked device manager and checked my sound stuff for anything not working while the problem is happening. No problems showed, but I could have missed something.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Switching servers will rarely cause this for me.

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This issue is STILL happening

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When the sound is stopped, can you open any music file in player and see if it goes*? I have similar problem, but not related to DayZ. Sometimes it just stops and as you mentioned everything with sound card looks correct, but you can't hear anything.

*progress bar of track

I will try that the next time this happens

I tried restarting the Windows Audio service and that fixed the sound on my computer (but not dayz), restarting dayz then fixed the sound on the game.