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Random weapon swaps and falling-down when swapping from a gun to a melee weapon, rising from prone, and being attacked by zombie
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So basically, whenever I am prone and a zombie is running up to me, the slow attempt to rise to my feet usually results in me swapping weapons uncontrollably and falling back to the ground. I think maybe the falling back down is a desired and intended mechanic? It would make sense, as you rise from prone and get smacked by a zombie you would probably lose balance and fall back down, the part of this that I find very whacky and generally not very fun is how if you try to switch to your axe, get hit, and fall, your character will then put the axe away and take the gun out and then put the gun away and take the axe out and try to stand again.


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I can manage to make it happen sometimes:

1)Go prone with a weapon out *and raised
2)Agro zombie
3)As the zombie gets close attempt to stand and switch to a bigger melee weapon like an axe or baseball bat.
4)If the zombie hits you before you fully rise you'll end up prone again with little animation, or the sprinting-empty-handed dolphin dive. Then you should put the axe away and take the gun out and then put the gun away.

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I can attempt to get a video of it if people have trouble making it happen themselves. The reason I bring up a particular issue like this is because its pretty detrimental if it keeps happening.

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