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logging in and losing evrything you had
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ive plaid in total 100 hours had the some rare pices on my Character i logged out for dinner came back logged in and was a freshspawn FML 100 hours just wasted no comment sort this shit out your losing players like that man cmon im sitting here for lik 5-6 days wasting my life and then even lose that just..not cool i know its alpha but dude?


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I've had same issues.

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this is idiotic man i spent few days literely no lifing the game and now this happens...its a heartbreaker u know...

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And what i find even more dumb is that it happens when ur close to a what im not supoce to play with friends and loggout new them???

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This may be connected with

You don't notice this until you try to change an item in your hands. That could be multiple minutes in which you didn't see another player or zombies, which attack you.
I died 3 times because of that issue already...

oh no man i didont have that i was runing around looting in a little city near NW airfield with no problem with a friend of mine then loggedout in the lobby and evrything went to hell..

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well i really hope Rocket fixes this issue pretty fast hopefully in the next patch...