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loot spawns are few, and far between
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I've noticed that loot has been hard to come by. It's great that the vast majority of the buildings have been opened up for exploration, however more often than not, the houses are completely empty. What good is more houses when there is no loot? the other day i died of starvation for the first time ever because i couldnt find any food anywhere. I must have checked a hundred houses and found..... MAYBE 4 or 5 rotten kiwis? the team probably knows this, but just in case you guys dont intend to tweak the spawn rate, i'm letting you know its an issue.


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i absolutely LOVE the game BTW. just a little suggestion to maybe make life in DayZ a little more interesting. Also, I just read up on the thirst/hunger/exhaustion bugs and stuff. so maybe fixing those and extending the players stamina could maybe even out the spawn rate problem. but spawn rates should still be up-ed IMO.

One thing that I noticed is that the spawns around the coast is pointless!!!! No point In even looking around the coast or any where near the coast. Once I went inland for a ways I was able to find food and water all over the place. I think the spawn rate is a little low around the spawn areas but that is about it. It is def manageable once you move inland.

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We are at the very beginning of alpha and have to overcome a number of horrendous game-breaking bugs. The way loot spawns at the moment is nothing short of a placeholder. New game mechanics such as globally limited items, scripted events and more will likely enter DayZ along with a great number of new items and so starting to tweak the amount of loot spawning is in my eyes a waste of time at this point until all the unknowns have been determined.

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Loot doesn't respawn yet. It spawns at the start of each server reset (every 4 hours). Try hopping to a different server for loot.

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If you want loot spawns to be plentiful and boring, go play the mod. Learn to scavenge in land and play the game it was meant to played. Or just do what every other tool does and server hop to find the best loot

The game was not meant to be played like this be4st. It was meant to have zombie and loot re-spawns. But it currently doesn't.

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@sabre05 Did Rocket change his mind then? Because the last I knew about this, there were going to be no re-spawns of zombies and loot. He said this in a Dev Blog ages ago. The server was to spawn everything it needed on restart and people had to scavenge. If the server ran out of loot and zeds, then it ran out of loot and zeds.

Hello thedrizztman,

The devs are continuously pulling data from the servers so that they'll be able to assess the state of the loot spawns. That way they'll be able to tweak the spawn ratios for each lootable item in case it looks badly askew.