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gear not there
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when i loot on a server then exit and go to another server all of my loot is gone none remains and its like my character died i start brand new


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You are probably new to DayZ and you think its smart. But what you are doing is called Server Hoping.

I m not sure 100% but I think it's an exploit that is not encouraged by the community in general, if not just being forbidden.

In my opinion it's game breaking and if the inventory clear is intentional to prevent players form server hoping; I think its a good thing.

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i am not new to dayz but just yesterday this was not happening and i went back on the server i was on and it was gone and now it does not seem to be happening the servers are linked and you carry your gear over so you sir look like you are new to dayz

Dont get butt hurt because I assumed you were new. But you are talking about server hoping as it was a normal thing... I dont know lol its like asking how a aimbot works on a FPS game forum, its just retarded imo

I think what the game will inevitably need is a softcore and hardcore set of server.

Softcore: 3rd person enabled, server hopping, etc.
Hardcore: You lose gear if you swap servers, no 3rd person, etc.

The only problem is, what happens if the server you play on is full? You either wait or start fresh? That's not entirely fair, so I don't think the answers are so black and white. Without the ability to have multiple characters I think it might be somewhat difficult to enforce wipes on server hopping.

we a kind of getting off the topic more than once i would exit the game i wasnt server hoping as i went to do something logged back in and all of my gear was gone i never died but it was like i did

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I've had this happen when rejoining the same server. It seems to be a low, somewhat random chance.

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i agree its not easy (black &white), hoping is wrong but at this buggy state i wouldnt be offended by people doing it. Maybe u can jump one server once but second time had a 15min delay.. But then can see issues with that as well.

go o d z eokran im glad i dont look like a fool and am not the only one its just wierd it happened twicce in a row and i had good loot on me too

make this a third time it just happened again after me being gone for about 2 hours i dont get it this is making me really mad