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FPS Problem with an AMD 6950 1GB
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Sometimes the fps are more or less correct (>40) and sometimes it stay behind 25. It realy disturb me because this is not a very old graphic card and i can't put the settings more than normal/low.


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Play with a 6950

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Sapphire 6950 1GB

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Whatever role the gfx card plays in any of the BIS games is a mystery to me. For all I know, this game is somehow designed in such a way that fps is linked to server performance.

It has been announced that they intend to improve server performance or somesuch in the near future, so hopefully there will be noticable improvements to fps later on.

The fps on the client are _not_ depending on server performance...
In Arma and DayZ the CPU is more important for fps than in other games. There are also lots of settings that depend on the CPU apparently which can reduce fps.