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Spawn protection needed
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I think there should be some kind of spawn protection during the 'receiving' screen. I logged out in city to come back and see my character being unconscious because I got hit by a zombie when I wasn't even able to control my character.

Version: 0.30.113860


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Then don't log out in a city. Move to safety before you log.


I once logged in right in a house to see four guns pointing at my head. :D
Now forest only.

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Yea always forest, preferably hugging a tree with low branches. Logging off in a city is like going to sleep in your bed while the zombies are banging on the door downstairs.

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The receiving screen for me take 5 seconds tops. I strongly disagree with the premise that a spawn protection is warranted. If you get attacked upon spawning in you have failed to find a safe spot to log out. This should be considered part of the game mechanic to survive and be smart about the way you move around in the game world.

The rest of these comments are missing the point. Sometimes it isnt always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes people have to suddenly log out or the server kicks them off. So when you log in you are still easy prey. I myself have logged out down the road from a town, where I was safe, only to log back in and have a zombie that was on the edge of the town spot me with his binocular vision and start running as I spawned in. I also respawned in after dying, and was suddenly having 2 zombies after me, and I hadn't even moved an inch.