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Firestation of death!
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I was in Elektro, when i decided to hit up the firestation/powerplant, when I ran of the first set of stairs and just died. Just thought it was a minor bug, as I sprinted up the stairs and perhaps smashed the wall.

Secondly I was in the NWAF in the firestation was outside on the roof and decided to join my partner of the top roof, and went up the ladder and hanged on the top of the ladder for 3 seconds, and then just died.

I don't know if it's some bad luck I have or the building is bugged.


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Version - 0.30.113860.
Won't let my post if I type this, so I typed 0.30 :/

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This also happens to others stairs... one time a friend and I instant died by going up stairs on a airport..

I added my note to the bug ID: 0003407 for this issue of insta-death.

But yes, can confirm. friend insta-died on the firestation steps, I went to check it out (suspected player-kill, I checked the entire area out before entering, even checking the roofs), found his body inside, unlooted, crouch-walked up the steps and then I met the same mysterious fate.

could have been a sniper as people have reported the mosin has sound bugs from range, the towers of the firestation are so exposed you would have been a easy target

TBH, no one could have made that shot. As I nearly flew up the first set of stairs , so I had cover from all four walls.

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It was not a kill. I have had it three times now. always up stairs. in the fire station and a restaurant.

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One of my battles had the same NWAF issue the other day. to us it appeared as if he was ejected from the ladder, but he said it hung up for a second then he was dead.

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I've personally witnessed this too, cherno fire station it was the 2nd flight of stairs i believe.

Currently this is an issue not specific to any type of building. The new apartments has a lot of this instant death too, stepping too close to the elevator shaft before you start climbing the ladder does this almost 100% of the time from my experience.

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and do not try to lean to left or right on 1st roof of fire station near the ladder or you will fall off too, you get into some sliding animation or freeze a bit and you fall off :(

This also happened to me just now at the Elektro fire-station across from the well. I was on a night server with only 4 other players and I'm convinced it was not a player kill. I was on the second or third floor of the tower crouching idle when the death screen appeared.

Can confirm that hanging on ladders for a short period of time results in death. Happened to me once in a hotel building.

EDIT: can also confirm it wasn't a sniper in my case. It was nighttime and I was inside the building on a ladder. Unless it was a hacker, there's zero chance.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding the fire station stairs is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0002920.

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