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No signal-hdmi/dvi
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when the game is loading, it either flickers my screen about 10 times then, gives a no signal for my monitor....with the dvi, its just a black screen..... while going to alt-tab, it only closes when i force shutdown trough task manager. will not exit on it lonesome. {F29118} {F29119}


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Game Freezes
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Admin/removed- same thing.
compatability mode- xp-sp2&3 -same thing.
with steam, without steam. -same thing.

Additional Information

win7 ult-64 bit v. 6.1(build 7600)
amd fx-6100 OC
32g ram- 1800mhz oc
radeon hd-7950 oc
all up to date(other then windows update), never had this issue before with another game.

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going to test on my brothers computer, but would like a review from someone in bio. lol...

yup just seems to be my own issue....

Try updating your graphics driver.

Here is were you can find it if your not sure just download and install. It will detect and install the latest drivers for you.

might be a problem with the game not detecting your screens resolution

go to your documents folder, open the DAYZ folder, and open DayZ.cfg in notepad

look for something like


and make sure they are set to your native resolution, if not, set it

edit: also, as suggested, update your drivers, the ones you are running are a year and a half old

RESOLUTION ISSUE!!!!!! ftw, it was my refresh rate set on dayz for 60 hertz, i was at a high resolution only allowing 30hertz max, so lowered everything(old 32" hd tv....haha)