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Players at Long Ranges only showing Gun and Helmet
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I found after a player character got outside of 400 meters from me or so they turned invisible, the only thing showing was their helmet and gun. For a game that relies heavily on seeing others first this is unacceptable even for people on low settings like I currently am. {F29112}


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Rendering Resolution 1920x1080 Vsync Disabled

Interface Resolution 1920x1080 Size Normal
Aspect Ratio Wide

Objects Very Low Terrain Very Low
Clouds Disabled Shadows Disabled

Video Memory Auto Texture Detail High
Texture Filtering High

Antialiasing Normal Alpha to Coverage Disabled
Edge Smooting SMAA Normal HDR Quality Very Low
Ambient Occlusion Disabled Post Process Quality Disabled

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I think this is realated to the "fog", which is the view distance, the distance is havent applied to the item yet, thats why they show up.

I can confirm this, happened yesterday from almost the exact same spot, with two of my mates running around the tower (~same distance) and the playermodels disappeared, while the Weapons (Axe and M4) were still rendered and animated/moving.

Maybe it can be solved by setting the "Object Details" from "Very low" to anything higher.
I will report back after testing.

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I can confirm this. It is happening when setting "Object Detail" is "Very low". When I set this setting to "normal" I saw the player fine.

Right now "Object Detail" setting helps a lot with performance so I think they (developers) should make it so it does not affect players, only structures and environment.

Also another issue about this "0004001: Players are invisible from long range". Maybe add this as a relationship.

EDIT: I think I see zombies fine at this distance, only players are affected, not sure though.

yup get same problem here the only temporary solution is to having object detail high

Same here, lowered my setting to get more than 20f and I can only see helmet and weapons. Don't affect zombies, but sometime they are frozen.
We've done an event to bring back all zombies we can to berezino to annoy player killers and I was watching as a sniper. I can see my teammate running around, but just his helmet/weapon and all zombies was frozen despite he was telling me all of them were following him.
object/terrain : low
view distance / view object : 1600