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Zoom function has a delay when using right mouse button compared to when using the pluss key
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I noticed that my zoom function seemed a bit slow, but then I realized that when I use the mouse, there is this delay before the game start zooming the camera.

When using the keyboard hotkey (the pluss and minus on numerical keyboard), the camera zoom pretty much instantly for me and so there is no dealy.

The difference is striking and if everyone has this issue, then I hope there might be a solution for fixing it so that there could be no delay when zooming with the mouse.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Click and hold down right mouse button to zoom the view and notice there is a slight delay every time before the camera start zooming after pressing the mouse button
  2. Now, compare with using keyboard hotkey, the pluss key on the numerical keyboard section

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that's because if you tap the right mouse button you draw weapon and look down sights.. if you hold it just zooms camera

two different mappings so maybe the delay is a little longer than it needs to be but definitely not a bug.change mappings to a non hold button and no delay.