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double tap run makes char freeze for a moment
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looks like if players need to switch from running to fast running by double tapping run [W], character will play "stop" animation for unknown reasons


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run -> double tap [w] -> stop for a moment -> starts running fast

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this is quite annoying, once got shot due to this issue :)

anyway atm players can evade this by pressing [arrow_up] along with [w] to start sprinting without any freeze/stop animations

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yes, slight delay really sick

Sandman added a subscriber: Sandman.May 8 2016, 3:21 PM

Ya I noticed this as well. Sometimes you stand still which is unrealistic. You shouldn't have to stop completely to increase your speed. You can slow down without stopping, however.

How about rebinding? I use CTRL and no delay whatsoever.

I figured this was due to the fact that you let go of W to tap it twice, I to bound my to my CTRL key.

I would recommend customizing your controls to be a bit more like ArmA 3, that allows for much easier usability, especially with things like sprinting/walking etc