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Stopping when changing weapons - solved? Are you kidding me.
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  1. walk/run/sprint whatever floats your boat.
  2. change weapons or just bring something up on your hand.
  3. Observe the character stopping.


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Devs don't even look at the feedback tracker, who am I kidding.

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Noticed this when weapon is up (spacebar). However, if you bring down your weapon, switching can be done without it stopping your character.

@tingkagol thanks, that'll help me for now!

Close your bug please, there are so many duplicates...

But no duplicates are solved... this is still happens.

I've noticed a lot of issues marked as solved are still very much unsolved. (floating loot, loot disappearing, loot falling through floors, etc).

I'd like to hope that what they mean is that they've solved the issues for this version, but we won't actually get the fixes until the next version/patch.

I hope.

I have also noticed stopping whether raise or not when walking