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Screen Stays Grey After Sickness Goes Away
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I got food poisoning after eating from rotten fruits, I rode it out and am still surviving on that character at the moment.But my screen is still gray


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Gray screen is from a lack of blood though, isn't it?

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my problem is i havent been hit at all in that life

I did this twice. You will die eventually.

The "sick" flag goes away, I lasted for what seemed like hours, I assumed it was a bug, but died without warning eventually. Tested it once more to make sure, inflicting no wounds, got into zero fights, just ate rotten fruit and waited it out. You will die, it will just take a long time.

The charcoal tablet things might save you, I never managed to find any to test this.

Its nice to know ill lose my m4 then... i was thinking if i should kill myself anyway because i lost the survivor feel after i got loaded with military gear.I feel more like a lonely soldier than a survivor