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GPU Overheat and Crash
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For some reason DayZ decided to overheat my GPU and crash the game.

The game runs fine until the GPU Temperature reaches 83ºC.

I'm using a Radeon HD 7970, and this overheat only happens with DayZ, even though I lowered my graphic settings.

Once the crash happens, I get a windows message: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered", which usually means a GPU overheat.


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Happens once GPU Temperature reaches 83ºC (an overheat).

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Check your cooling fan and radiator. DayZ isn't doing anything any other 3d intensive game isn't, so doubt it's DayZ specific.

In fact, the ArmA engines don't tend to push my graphics as hard as some other 3d apps.

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Actually I ran Arma 3 smoothly, without this problem... this seems to only happen with DayZ specifically.

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This is probably issue with Your PC.

I have a Radeon HD7970 and ingame temp max 64-65*C.

I'm closing the issue, sorry about the trouble.