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Not possible to open can without smth sharp
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It been discussed on forums, but i can not find it here.
It should be possible to open can without anything, just like this
Or you can google by yourself, how to do this.

And spilling penalty for opening with knife should be removed. Cmon, try to open can with a knife yourself, its very easy.


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If it is already been reported sorry. This search tool here sucks.

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The only can you can open without equipment is a sardine can because they have the key opener, please try irl to open a can of beans without any equipment assistance and let us know how it went

This game is going for realism to the average person and the average person with no knowledge of opening something with a knife can/will spill foodstuffs. Also, the action of opening something with a knife causes a drastically lower spillage amount than opening something with an axe

Can openers open cans. Opening cans with anything else has a penalty. I don't see any problem here. Move along now.

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Did you guys even watch the video he posted. I've been thinking about this since I found out you needed a can opener/sharp object. I've opened a can in boy scouts on concrete without losing any food, why not make this an animation?

Please watch the video, this is real realism.


Please refer to my comments on the average person. The average person is not a super scout like you. I myself can on occasion open a can while barely spilling any of the food, but then again i've learnt that from a very young age.

Also, if we're going by that video, you would at least need a brick or a road to open your can

*Sigh* The can opener is the mechanic being employed in the game by the devs as to optimal method. Please feel free to use whatever method you want in real life.
Half the fun of the game is having a backpack full of food that you can't get at while you slowly (quickly!) starve to death!!

Some of the decisions on item interaction are simply there to make the game interesting. Where's the challenge if you find a can of food and can simply use it as is. At that point you might as well get rid of the whole hunger mechanic altogether.

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Or a bricked house, small or large stones, ect to grind the edges down.
Rocket is going for realism, and in real life you are going to do near anything to get a can open. Concrete/pavement is literally everywhere in real life and in game.

I did what was in that video and the can opened just fine, I didn't lose that much of the canned pasta

First of all: Let's not make discussions about details like this. Report it and let it be for now. Focus on important basics.

Secondly, to talk about my personal experience, I've opened cans with alot of different tools already, including knife, screw driver and even a sharp stone as I had lost my tools when touring from A to B the other day. And even smashing it with a (sharp) stone to open it, has the possibility of leaving more than half of the content eatable.

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I think having the can opener the only one to not lose any product is a good thing because its an item everyone looks out for and therefore more rare and demanded, what would be nice though is if chosen characters in the preset would have few diffirent sets of specializations to chose from eg the character would have survival knowlege which would make him splill less food, need less logs to keep up a campfire etc or a medic who bandages and injects saline bags quicker, force feeds.... etc

That guy doesn't even need anything like rock.

Just bare hands

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i notice a patern here.. russians not willing to adapt to modern technic