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Item duplication
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If you use an item such as an epi on a friend, Force feed them the item and a duplicate of the item will appear on the ground nearby. if the item had uses left, the uses are now gone.


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Put an item epi/bottle in your hand, force feed it to a person nearby
a duplicate of the item you are holding should now have spawned nearby on the ground.

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The same bug is possible when 2 people is playing with handcuff,saline,bloodbag,epi-pen and all the items that we can do to others. To do so you just start doing the item on the other player and to ask him to move. Duplicate item pop on the floor.
Same bug on 0000035.

Hi anhonestconman,

this ticket is pretty old already. Could you please let us know if this is still an issue?

Also, when your issue should have been resolved (or "resolves itself") meanwhile, please close your tickets to prevent the feedback tracker from filling up needlessly. Thank you.

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