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Disconnect Deletes Character
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Yesterday I logged in to a character I had started the day before. I had finally gotten some good loot and equipment, gotten my hunger and thirst under control and was progressing quite well. I suddenly had the message "no message received for xx seconds" Which I assumed to mean I had lost connection to the server.. and yes, about 90 seconds later I was dropped. This deleted my character and I was forced to start over. I then spent about 4/5 hours building up my new character (Thankfully I spawned in Elecktro in a relatively empty server as was able to get a lot of stuff really quick). Then, the exact same thing happened. The connection dropped and my character was deleted


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I guess to force the error to reproduce, get on a high-ping server and then wait to be disconnected.

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The 2nd time I attempted to log during the countdown but it didn't work. I tried as soon as I saw it though, next time I'll wait till about 30 second mark and report back what happens.

Also, How can I tell if a server is white-listed?

I had an idea.. maybe have your character's information and location save locally to your PC every so often.. maybe every 20-30 minutes? That way if you connect or maybe your power goes out, you won't have to start over.

Not sure if it makes a difference, when receiving the count down and chain breaker icon, I let the countdown go for 30 seconds, then manually leave the server. Haven't lost a character that way. I have however lost characters due to joining non-white listed servers which appears to be a separate issue.

@BLFonsworth, storing client data locally would likely open the flood gates to exploits. Just need more redundant character state logging server side.

better solution would be for it NOT to reset your character when it fails to load, and just let the player reconnect again

I have been able to log off twice as soon as the message appeared and my progress was saved. However I have logged off while the message was on my screen before and had it not save.. seems to either be hit/miss or you need to do it as quickly as you possibly can.

was the character deleted after you disconnected? or when you tried to reconnect?

I've seen it happen either way. It looks like it's somewhat of a crap shoot right now. You can get your character wiped when a server disconnects and boots you. You can also obviously get a character wipe when joining a non-whitelisted server. I'm betting it will probably get addressed when they work on the server optimization probably early next year.

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Same problem over here except i have the same message but like every 20min it doesn't reset my char everytime but sometimes it does or it mades me dead cause i was fighting with a bandit...