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Lights, Map, & Gun Mod
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I had an issue for most of yesterday where both my flashlight and gas lamp failed to illuminate anything. I equipped it, turned it on, and held it up, but me and my surrounding were still pitch black. I logged out for a few hours yesterday, but the problem remained. As with the other two issues I'll describe, I haven't yet checked if it's still persisting today.

My map, when I first got it yesterday allowed my to zoom in to 50m increments. When I logged back in last night, it decided that 200m was the closest in it would zoom. I prefer a closer look, so this was a bit of an annoyance.

I had a bipod attached to the Mosin 9130, and it worked fine for a while. At some point though it started to flicker on the gun while I was running. When I stopped moving, it visually disappeared altogether. Though my inventory said it was still attached. When I started running again, it started flickering again.

Just so it's not all complaints and headaches... I wanna let you know I love this alpha despite it's various issues. Great job guys.


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I logged back in this morning after creating this report, and all the issues still occur. The lights, the map, and the weapon mods. I just recently picked up a head worn light and attached the 9v, that also does not seem to be working. And as for the mosin mods, I've noticed that when I look from certain angles the Mosin attachments disappear while at other's they reappear.

I think it would be best you make a separate bug report for each issue as you've reported 3 in the same report and it makes it hard for Devs and Mods to track them. Your issues noted have already been reported in:
Gas lamp not illuminating:

You need to turn the torch on and have a 9v battery equipped to it, if you still have a problem even when doing it, it's reported here:

other issue with the torch showing as illuminated on the model when not is reported here:

Disappearing attachments on model reported here:

Feel free to add your input and vote up/down as you see fit :)