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Random Desync from Server
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Sometimes when I'm running from town to town with a friend I appear to desync and my friend starts either running in one direction or not moving at all. During this time he says that he can see me moving, waving my arms, etc but I'm unable to do any tasks that require conformation from the server such as drinking, eating, surrendering or loading a mag. Zombies also continue to move in one direction constantly if I'm experiencing this phenomenon. At first I attributed it to lag as I have a slow connection sometimes, but because my friend was able to see me move it made me think otherwise. reconnecting to the server sometimes fixes the issue, but other times does not. After anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes I seem to sync back up with the server and can see my friend move as well as drink or eat.


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Seemingly a random occurrence.

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exactly same as you and happy to see another unlucky guy

Confirmed, it's very bad today (23.12.2013)
Is it the main hive?

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Pretty unplayable today

Check issue 2729, it's a similar report, hopefully getting more votes will get it noticed quicker.