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glitched under floor of house, cant die or respawn
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hey, in game/character name of twoBoots. I was running through a town, server lag spiked (had happened several times during the previous few hours for the other people I was playing with) as I climbed stairs to a house and actioned 'open door', immediately teleported under the house with no way out.

Trust me... no. way. out.

Tried all surfaces under the house in standing, crouching and prone to get through for about 10min.

Left server and reconnected. Restarted game and reconnected. Still trapped under house.

Dropped all items in my inventory and body to see if they appeared in the house above me, or outside the house. Items dropped under house also, but can not be interacted with.

Have left the character in game for several hours now, including running in an attempt to starve/dehydrate the character to try to get respawn option, but not hungry or thirsty, and not receiving hunger or thirst notifications. Dont appear to be getting hungry or thirsty at all.

Hope this is enough info to help, if not, I'm happy to provide anything else you need to know.

thanks, twoBoots {F29031} {F29032} {F29033}


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Tried screenshotting for you, but unfortunately the pastes are completely black.

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I have had this problem a couple of times, to fix it, I had to put my back up against every "wall" and eventually on re-log it popped me back out to realspace

I had this issue but I don't believe lag was the issue.

I have included screenshots - as I am not sure exactly where I was.

On approaching the large apartments i thought I would hop over the low balcony (where you go down the steep hill just before reaching it). However, when I hopped over, my char ended up under the floor, trapped, and unable to respawn.

I havent tried recreating it yet, though I suspect it would be easily recreatable, as I didn't notice anything untoward (lag etc).

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I had a similar problem upon a server crash I was in a building that went up 8 steps or so, when I came back I was under the building. agro'd zombies wouldn't attack me (even the ones under the building with me) if I tried to punch them rocks flew, I tried connecting to several other servers and I was in the same spot. It took roughly 4 hours to starve to death and respawn.

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Closing as duplicate of #101.

In future, if you get stuck in a building try the following:

Walk over to a wall leading outside, stand right against it and vault. Exit the server during the animation and log back in, and you should be on the other side.

Video tutorial: