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Desync causing unfair game-play all around.
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Alright so I will explain this best as possible and hopefully this can be looked into because this is a major issue. If you are on any server and someone is desyncing 100,000 desync they do not see anyone else move, so they can shoot your body where you are frozen in place for them and kill you. Even if you are not even at that spot anymore and you have 100% perfect ping and no desync. This is annoying as I have been shot as it seems through walls due to people exploiting this majorly. I am sure other people are experiencing this issue and if you are please do comment and leave your feedback this needs to honestly be looked into.


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Just desync yourself 100,000 with other people on the server and you will see them frozen in place if done right and you can kill them no matter what.

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I am not sure if this can be fixed or not or at least improved but it is making it hard to play as people are exploiting this. I know the game is Alpha but I hope this is fixed and or looked into.

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The desync issue is random as I and many others are experiencing it as well, I don't know about forcing yourself into desyncing but for me, even with a stable connection it just happens.

For a person experiencing desync, other players that were running will continue running through everything and those that are stopped will remain where they are, you're unable to make gestures and pickup or interact with a lot of things. It's just as big of a pain in the ass to be experiencing it.

See issue 2729 and vote up to help get more attention.

I had a hilarious experience with this issue tonight, but unlike 2729 I think this is a case of something NOT happening on the server when it should.

When you attack another player the server should verify that the axe/bullet/whatever actually hit the person. It seems right now that the server just accepts the message from the client that the attack was successful, even though the victims latest position can be far away from the position that the desynced player sees.

Now, for my story:
I was heavily desyncing when in a group of players that I was also on teamspeak with. On my PC I saw them standing still in a house, but I knew they had moved on from there. In frustration I punched one of them in the head a couple of times. Then I hear on teamspeak how one person in the group had suddenly become unconscious just as they were walking along the road, with nothing attacking them.

There was a lot of confusion about what might have happened. Was it that rotten orange from 2 hours ago? Was he too thirsty? After a few more 'incidents' of this nature, the group decided that the town was haunted.